Topic 5

It would be helpful if you could include here anything you found out about participants’ current activities that you didn’t know before – for example, a participant who enjoys many leisure activities (especially if they are not included in this questionnaire) or a participant who doesn’t do anything in their free time but watch television.  Please note any links between their current level of free time activities and any behavioural issues.

If you feel you need any further clarification, please contact one of the project partners through our dedicated project website:

These last four pages are illustrated examples of different types of sports within the four categories we are collecting data on.  They are to be used only as prompts to help participants understand the categorisation for questions one, two, three and four.  Participants may already take part in, or know about, other sports activities.  When answering the questions about sports activities on page 6, they can be about ANY outdoor, individual, racket or team sports activity.

These particular sports have been chosen as they are sporting events that people with mental disabilities can compete in at the special Olympics.