Platform Overview

In the project platform you will find the following tools:

Here you will find questionnaires which are designed to:

1.Identify which leisure activities you already do, their importance to you and how satisfied you feel when performing them.

2.Support you in identifying new activities that you might want to try, and find out whether or not you are able to access them

Activities are split into active, social and quiet categories. You can answer the questions either on the platform or by downloading the file here.

Here you can find step-by-step guidelines for your chosen leisure activity. Activity groupings are the same as in the questionnaire and have two levels of difficulty: basic and advanced. Here you find 2 handout documents, one for trainers, and one for participants.

Here you can see the interactive content of the exercises in video format, read on to find out how to apply the exercises and the methodology and to get additional information about the previous steps.

If you would like to try a different activity after completing STEP 1, simply repeat STEPS 2 & 3.

Have fun!


This questionnaire is designed to give insight into how participants currently spend their free time, whether this is decided by them or by others, and to discover new activities that participants may be interested in trying.

  • The first section is the quality-of-life questionnaire which gives background into how participants feel about their current situation.
  • The second section is designed to give us an understanding as to whether participants currently do each activity, how often they can do it, how satisfied they are with doing it, as well as the importance they place on doing it.
  • Finally, after reviewing the ideas and choices on how they would like to spend their free time (noting the similarities and differences) a plan can be made for introducing them to the new activities and teaching them the skills to enable autonomy.

Leisure Skills Questionnaire